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Stakeholdermanagement in social ventures

Exploring the effects of stakeholder salience, trust and conflict on social enterprise performance.


The aim of this thesis is to provide the reader with empirical data in the domain of stakeholder management in social ventures, as empirical findings areĀ  currently missing in this area of research. In order to show how social entrepreneurs manage different constituencies towards higher success of the organization, a stakeholder identification and salience framework is applied to the social enterprise model trying to explain how key stakeholders are able to influence the organization. Furthermore, different performance metrics for social enterprises are explored. Finally, stakeholder salience as well as antecedents of each relation, notably conflicts and trust are linked to a multidimensional performance indicator. Based on these considerations a survey measuring each construct in order to test the model empirically on a sample of German social enterprises is developed.

This thesis was written in a joint research project at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, the Max-Planck Institute of Economics and the TU Munich.


Social Entrepreneurship

Seminar paper concerning financial and hman resources of “Social Entrepreneurs” at the Max-Planck-Institut of Economics.